Jiangsu KEYROAD Transportation technology co., ltd. was established in Changzhou in 2017. This is an innovative technology company driven by the latest industrial design and cutting-edge technology. Focusing on smart travel, the company explores the realization of new value products in the field of mobile tools, and is committed to providing efficient and multi-dimensional solutions for urban travel, so that more people can enjoy the fun of travel !
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At present, the power section of our electric motorcycle is self developed  and designed with patents. Compared with the products of the same type,  on the market, our power is more stronger, the battery life is longer, and  solved the problem of low mileage of electric vehicles.
New features

  • ​​The company adheres to the business philosophy of "high quality, reputation first, pioneering and innovative, and advancing with the times", constantly introducing technical talents, constantly tapping the potential for reform, and constantly launching popular electric motorcycle models in the market according to market demand and fashion trends. High-grade quality and excellent reputation are favored by customers. Its export business has developed rapidly and exported to Europe, America, Africa and other regions.

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